Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Orkut... Mannn its addictive !!!

I may be a lil late at this, but orkut.... has turned out to be my latest craze [:d]... Oops, there i go again. It feels soooo gud when you've managed to convice atleast 50 of your closest friends in becoming your "FAN". Whether you've had to beg, plead or pay for it.... tazzz a totally different issue irrelevant to the context :)

Rating someone as sexy... wow wat an option. Its so thrilling (Oh ya... Cheap thrill... yes... ok ok) to think over again n again and decide if a gal is sexy, very sexy or super sexy... I'm just worried tat there is no option to rate someone ( boy or gal ) as dumb... there are so many in my list who fit the bill :)

"TRUSTWORTHY" and "COOL"... well they are more for the genuine friends you have. Arrrgh not much of thrills in here. The toughest thing on orkut seems to be getting a few of your friends in writing a testimonial for you. Its gotta luk grand n gr8... shouldnt it !!!

Oh ya there is the definite disadvantage of "WASTING" time on orkut... ha... who cares.
With close to 2500 scraps in my scrap book and over 50 fans outta the 120 odd friends in my list, I feel like a king [:d]

Orkut.... Mannn its addictive !!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

EMBARRASSMENT... of a different kind !!!

Well well... what would you do if a magazine was delivered to your house, in your name, your dad collects it and when you get back home, your dad himself gives it to you ????

Especially if the cover page of THAT magazine looks like this :-

Well... I just smiled... n so did my dad !!! :) ... Acha... wat an achan u r... you rock !!!

I bought tat motorola v3i I was talking about and this pic was shot from the 1.3 mega pixel cam it had. Hmmmm... not bad, aint it !!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My new Mobile !!!

Moto Razr V3i

Tazzz gonna be my new fone. I haven't bought it yet. I'm putting it up here to get some feedback from anyone who may have used it or may have seen someone else use it.

I've been asking my friends about it but not many are able to give me a convincing reply.

So please if anyone can, pls help me out here !!!

Is it a gud fone... worth the moolah ???

Monday, June 26, 2006

Backkkkk... with a few lessons learnt !!!

Back to blogging ways :) Well well its so nice to sit down and pen down a post when you have nothing else to do with the final year of college life yet to begin. Aahhh... its been a memorable three years, but nope i'm not getting into all that just yet. The first half of my holidays has been dull and boring. Imagine a life without internet, without those not-so-annoying hindi channels which are selective to the cable network we use and beyond anything else... a life with a ban on by bike :( Mannn its miserable. Caged in my house for too long, i guess my dad didnt have too many options but to give in and get me a new internet connection. Now with most requirements being met, i guess its high time i start off with what is arguably the most practical way of improving your anglical abilities.... Blogging !!!

N ya ive decided not to include a stat counter this time :) can't cope with those doses of dejection n disappointment that shoot up along mercurial dimensions when a friend or a known blogger has had more hits than me in day ;)

N lemme see... i'm wondering if even half of those who used to read my blog, will come back again... cos i'm gonna need some serious morale-boosting as i'm getting back at this after quite some time :)